MARY ANN SHAW welcomes you to our community!

About Us

All are welcome at our non-denomination community outreach.

We hold weeknight meetings. You are also invited to participate in our outreach activities to give aid to those members of our community in need. Please check our calendar if you’re interested in community activities.

Whether you're new to the neighborhood or new to  fellowship activities,  we welcome you with open arms.

We are trying to establish fellowship in this particular area

of the Metroplex by encouraging our neighbors and our

friends from the Churches to invite others to come into

their homes for Bible readings and discussions, opening

up projects for community action groups to assist in

problems in the neighborhood, etc.  We hope to start out

with a core group of people who will spread the message

and eventually have numerous groups of people who have

met each other, who like each other, and who help each

other in all areas of their lives.


Call Abby Ann at 817-238-1252 for information about the

first meeting to be held in the next few weeks to establish

the Core Group.

Community Activities

Our community reaches out to the needy to give aid and comfort. Food and clothing drives, helping the elderly, and repairing local homeless shelters and schools are just a small part of what we do.

If you know a group that could use our help, drop us a line.